Projects and Experiences

    Acquisition and Sale of Assets:

  • Management Consulting to assess & define the assets of your company or to assist in assessing & defining the assets of a company you wish to purchase.
  • Experience to help you sell your company or purchase the assets of another company.

  AutoCAD Design:

(Propane Facility Design Services)

  • Whether you are starting from a clean sheet or require optimization of an existing facility or have decided to add more capacity to your bulk plant, we are very experienced in the design process.
  • With cost and functionality in mind, we can implement a new P&ID configuration updating or modifying existing cylinder filling equipment or adding additional tanks.
  •  Redesign your existing site to optimize traffic flow, storage, parking and safety.
  • Whether you are using rail or truck for offloading, we have the experience to implement your requirements. 

Compliance Issues:

  • TRACE © DataBase - Let us TRACE compliance for your company. We can manage your company's licences and renewals and give reminders before they expire.
  • TDG - Develop Policies, Documentation, Vehicle Specifications and Staff Training.
  • WHMIS 2015 - Training and Awareness.
  • CVOR/MTO - Abstracts (Driver and Corporate), Preparation for an Audit, Staff Training.
  • Incident Protocol - Development of Policies for due diligence (Insurance) & Safety Awareness.
  • TSSA - Correspondence, Regulatory Requirements (O. Reg. 211, 213, 215, 217 etc.), Ontario Oil Burner Code, Liquid Fuels Handling Code.
  • Occupational Health and Safety, Hazard Awareness Program and Due Diligence.
  • Unvented Heaters (B149.1-15, clause 7.37) – We provide – barn calculations, engineered stamped documents, fuel supplier notification.

E2 Regulations:

  • We have been developing E2 plans since 2003. BPC has developed an E2 plan that has been accepted by Environment Canada, in April 2012, as compliant with multiple changes in the E2 Regulations effective August 2019. Currently, many E2 plans are not considered compliant by Environment Canada.

Emergency Response (ER):

  • Practical, procedural, staff training, ER assessment for due diligence. We can also develop or provide you with your own Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Fleet Management:

  • Development of specifications, procurement and maintenance plans (Petroleum and Propane) for a large provincial petroleum distribution company.

Marketing Environmental Remediation:

  • Marketing strategies, accounts receivable strategies, strategic planning etc. Oversight of remediation, propose remediation strategies.

Operational Expertise:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions, design bulk plant loading systems, dispatching & logistics, retail and cardlock sites, rural and agricultural affairs, ethanol conversion.

Risk and Safety Management Plans (RSMP):

  • We can provide complete Level I or Level II RSMP plans for your facility that are guaranteed to be approved by TSSA for an existing or a new installation. Successfully developed and obtained TSSA and Fire Services approval for 50+ Level II RSMPs. Successfully obtained TSSA and Fire Services approval for hundreds of Level 1 RSMPs. We can assist companies with their Level I or Level II RSMP renewals.

Training Provided For:

Registered Trainer for Fuels Training & Consulting:

  • AV01 Construction Heaters, Torches & Cylinders
  • AV02 Construction Heaters & Cylinders
  • AV03 Torches & Cylinders
  • AV05 Exchanging Propane Cylinders - Torch Operations
  • CF01 Filling Cylinders at Retail Filling Centres - (PTI CODE 100-08)
  • CF02 Filling Auto Propane Tanks for Propane Vehicle Operators - (PTI CODE 100-02)
  • CF03 Filling Cylinders & Auto Tanks at Retail Filling Centres - (PTI CODE 100-01)
  • CF04 Filling Forklift Cylinders
  • TO01 Loading & Unloading Propane Cargo Liners
  • TO02 Loading & Unloading Propane Tank Trucks - (PTI CODE 300-01)
  • TO03 Cylinder Delivery Truck Operations
  • TO04 Tank Truck Operations With Visual Tank & PRV Inspection
  • SO01 Cylinder Re-Qualification - (PTI CODE 100-04)
  • SO02 Visual Tank & PRV Inspection - (PTI CODE 100-09)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Petroleum
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Propane
  • Liquid Fuels Spills and Leaks


  • Organic Farming – Crop Burners
  • ETV Compliance – Incinerators
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Facilities
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